Dexter’s  latest and 7th album of Creative Commons licensed tracks.

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“UK experimental R&B artist Tom Bem recently released his Beast Side EP to stunning response from critics and fans alike. To go along with the high wave, Bem is dropping a video for “Numb,” a stellar song off the new project release.

The video itself is incredibly simple- featuring the artist over a green backdrop, but the combination of the visuals and track make for a haunting blend, and the result is a stunning artistic endeavor. As the music video progresses, it splices images throughout his performance, creating static and tension throughout. Bem’s musical talents shine through with ease, and his emotional depth in this piece is stunning.”

The Playground


Dexter was able to explore his other passion of film-making in the creation of a music video for Tom Bem.

Britain and Bem have collaborated on music before and Britain’s strings and piano work can be found in a couple of new tracks from Tom Bem’s new EP, this is their first visual collaboration.