Using Dexter’s Music


Dexter makes music with soundtrack in mind and wants it to be as easy as possible for your to utilise it within your projects.

Music is licensed exclusively with Music Bed. Please visit their website to obtain a license.

Creative Commons

Some of Dexter’s music, (not all, but more than 90) have a creative commons license that allows for the free use of these tracks with projects that are non-commercial. For more information on the tracks available and the terms of use, please see the dedicated Creative Commons page.

Disallowed Use

The use of Dexter Britain’s music is not allowed in projects that have inappropriate content such as but not limited to any material that incites or promotes violence, racism, any discrimination, prejudice or intolerance toward any individual or group, religion, sexuality, gender, political view.

FAir Use

Creative Commons and Fair Use are commonly confused. However there is one thing that sets them apart. Creative Commons is work that the author/ creator has set out permissions for, with some terms attached. Fair use is a term in copyright allowing the use of an author/ creators work under very strict and certain circumstances. Most, if not all uses of Dexter’s music under “Fair Use” have in fact not been fair use. Please see the link below for information on when Fair Use may be applied,


Creative Commons

Some of my music (not all) is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This means you may be able use my music for free, without a license, for your projects.

The terms of the Creative Commons license are:

  • Attribution – You have to credit me and preferably link to
  • Non-Commercial – Projects can not be be profit making, or paid work, or commercial.
  • Share-Alike – If you share your project, you must use this same license.

To obtain a license to use music that does not have Creative Commons, or for a project that does not fit with the terms, please contact Music Bed. We work exclusively with them for all licensing.


You will need a license if…

  • You are being paid to make the video or project.
  • You are making money from the video through advertising, affiliation or commission (such as monetising a video on YouTube).
  • The work will be used for commercial purposes.
  • The work promotes a profit organisation.
  • The work is advertising
  • The work will be broadcast (including television, radio, and cinema).
  • The work is for resale, used for profit making.
  • The project is requesting or soliciting donations. Such as fundraising videos, Kickstarter, or other crowd funding videos.
  • Used in videos/ projects/ or content that is supported by financial contributions, including Patreon.

AdRev + YouTube

Information on “matched third party content” messages.

The information on this page pertains only to work by Dexter Britain.

Why is this happening?

In an attempt to protect my intellectual property from improper and disallowed use, my work is registered with a company that scans uploaded Youtube content and flags it where it deems my work has been used improperly.

This is not a perfect system and your legitimate use of my work may be flagged. Don’t worry, you can dispute a claim per the instructions on this page. Providing you are using my work within your allowed use, you will not receive a strike against your account.

The attempt of the company is not to stop people from utilising my music online; far from it as I encourage the free use of my work. Instead they are there to ensure that those who are using my music are doing so within the realms of what is allowed.

This means that those uploading commercial content or monetising videos without a license will be forced to have advertising on their videos or have the video removed.

A lot of content can be flagged due to users not complying with the full Creative Commons license.


How to remove claim

If you are legitimately and legally using my music within the terms, then you can dispute the claim.

1) Go to the video manager page
2) Click the “matched third party content” blue hyperlink next to the video you wish to dispute a claim on
3) Click “Dispute”
4) Scroll down and select the 5th click option “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material” and Click “Continue”.
5) Click “I am sure that I have a license or written permission, and I want to dispute this claim” and click “Continue”
5) In the “Please explain briefly section” type “I have obtained a license for online use from The Music Bed“ (Proof required) OR I have obtained a license for online use from Dexter Britain Music under creative commons”.
6) Click the “I have a good faith belief…” box and enter your name
7) Click continue
8) Click “Submit Dispute” on the following page, and confirm the dispute by clicking “OK” on the pop up window.
9) Confirmation page will launch

This should lead to a resolve within 1 working day.


More in the YouTube Help Centre


Storytelling Music

Be it a feature length film or 30 second commercial music is the backbone, and Dexter has experience scoring a variety of projects.

All custom music requests should be sent to Dexter’s business manager, Miguel Diaz.

Send all details to

Please include

Contact Name
Production Company
Client Name (Who your are producing for)
Project Title
Delivery Date
Use (TV, Cinema, Event, etc)
Project Description


As an artist, Dexter prefers to retain the rights to his compositions, including any custom work. However, rates are lower to reflect this. Complete buyouts or “work for hire” scenarios are negotiable.

Rates are calculated based on the amount of time a project will take to complete, and the use.

Projects can usually be turned around quickly, but a couple of weeks before start are welcomed.


My software instrument list keeps getting longer. It is not that these have at all been fully utilised in my current work. Or that I have even explored them in much detail at all. I have them because I like to try new sounds and get inspired by them.

Overall my studio is really very simple, I like to focus on being able to make music and get ideas out quickly. A simple set-up allows me to do this without worrying about the technical aspects of a proper recording studio.

8DIO Instruments
  • Bazantar
    Songwriting Guitar
    Post Apocalyptic Guitar
    Hybrid Tools 3
    Adagio Strings
    Agitato Strings
    Claire Clarinet
    Claire Flute
    1901 Upright Piano
    1928 Legacy Grand
    1969 Legacy Grand
    1990 Studio Grand
    1990 Prepared Grand
    Forgotten Voices, Barbary, Cait, Francesca, Terrie
    Studio Voices, Laurie, Jennifer
    Studio Choir Sopranos
    8W Black
    8W Emperium
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10
  • Output Sounds – Rev, Exhale, Signal
  • Heavyocity – Vocalise
  • Logic Pro X
  • Mac Pro
  • LG 34″ Ultrawide Display
  • Arturia 88 Key Keyboard
  • Yamaha HS8 Monitors
  • G-Speed Studio Raid
  • G-Raid Studio
  • LaCie 1TB SSD
  • Apogee Duet
  • MacBook Pro
  • Akai MPK 88